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        MY1060PE Automatic die cutting and stripping machine

        Product introduction:


        Max. Paper size: 1070×750mm Min. Paper size : 400×330mm
        Max.Diecutting size: 1060×740mm Top speed: 8000S/h
        Max.Height of feeding pile: 1600mm Maximum height of receiving pile: 1400mm
        Total power: 17.52KW Max.Pressure: 3000KN
        Paper processing thickness: 紙板0.1-1.5mm
        Air source : 0.5-0.8MPa ≥0.36m³/min
        Total Weight: 19000KG Overall dimansion(L×W×H): 7560×4500×2510


            er_biao.gif The whole machine is integrated for easy to installation; At the same time,increase the height of feeding and receiving paper, improved work efficiency .
            er_biao.gif Speed change of feeder paper to improve paper processing accuracy.
            er_biao.gif Equipped with preloaded paper and paper pile fine-tuning mechanism to improvework efficiency.
            er_biao.gif The front gauge can be adjusted in the front and rear work stations, which is easy to operate and can improve the product qualification rate.
            er_biao.gif Adopt five-point pneumatic locking plate, high degree of automation,accurate and reliable repeated positioning of the frame .
            er_biao.gif The steel plate is positioned without clearance to improve the accuracy of repeated positioning.
            er_biao.gif The front and rear positioning of the tooth row is provided with adjustable device, which is convenient to adjust the percision of the front gauge.
            er_biao.gif Equipped with automatic secondary paper delivery, high degree of self-control, accurate and neat and reliable.
            er_biao.gif Equipped with automatic centralized lubrication system.
            er_biao.gif The use of waste discharge plage and waste discharge and sales two ways to remove waste debris ,flexible operation.

        Tangshan HESHUN printing machinery

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        Address:Zhendingfu Village East, Huandao, Yubin highway, Chengxi, Yutian County, Hebei Province


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